Join in!

If you think student politics is interesting, if you have the idea that you could be of use for DAS Eindhoven, or if you want to get involved and have a say within the TU/e, a position in DAS might be for you! There are several ways to become a part of DAS Eindhoven:

We meet with our adherents once every few months to discuss relevant topics about the TU/e. This is a way for you to bring problems you have found to the light, and to make sure they are heard and taken seriously! It is also an opportunity for you to have a say in the opinions of DAS Eindhoven on topics we would like to tackle within the University Council.

The fraction regularly meets with the Executive Board of the TU/e to discuss topics that are currently controversial. This is the way to make sure you can practice impact on the TU/e with your ideas. A place in the fraction means you will be at the core of DAS Eindhoven, and will get to know everything there is to know about the University Council and student politics.

Campaign team:
The campaign team is brought to life a few months before the actual campaign period and is there to help DAS Eindhoven in setting up the best campaign possible. The team meets every week to discuss how things are going and what should be done in the coming period. Their tasks range from ordering campaign materials (like balloons and coffee cups for example), to having chats with people during the campaign period!

If you are interested in any of these positions within DAS Eindhoven, make sure to send us an e-mail on!