Mission statements

Giving students a voice within the municipality about student housing

Eindoven is currently struggling with shortage of housing, and a lot of students do not have a place to live because of that. DAS Eindhoven also feels like there are way too many students that have to live illegally or have to live in another city. Eindhoven and the TU/e should support their students, their future by providing enough options as to where they can find an affordable, near and safe place to live.

Make video recording of lectures of all courses a higher priority

Video lectures are by no means available for every course, let alone for all lectures. This is something that we as DAS Eindhoven would like to see changed. As students often cannot always attend lectures, whether due to work or other obligations in associations or other matters not related to their studies, it is desirable that all lectures are recorded. This way, students can still attend them at a time that is best suitable for them, allowing them to also have time for other activities. 

Putting Eindhoven on the map as a student city

Eindhoven is not yet know as a real ‘student city’, while we think it should be seen that way. One way DAS Einhoven would like to approach this is by firstly taking a closer look at the Open Days, hosted by the TU/e. We think that activities and associations that are not related to studies are underrepresented at these Open Days, showing a false image of studying Eindhoven to potential new students that would like to be able to partake in one of these activities or associations.

More space and support for development alongside your studies

It is very important to develop yourself and your skills not only within your studies, but also through extra-curricular activities. Every student who is a member of a sport, study, culture, student association or a student team and who sees studying as more than following lectures should be heard and represented in the University Council. DAS Eindhoven strives to achieve a university where there is freedom for extracurricular development and a study climate that offers room for these developments.