Elena van der Kaa


Hi everyone, my name is Elena, and I am a first year again but this time in Chemical engineering. On top of that, I am part of University Racing Eindhoven, ijshockeyclub Icehawks, and in my second year with ESV Demos. In my first year, I was a bit lost and did not know what I wanted. Halfway through the year I began actively participating more in student life, switched studies, and joined a student and sports team. Most of my personal development has been through extracurricular activities. Not only did it help me develop as a person, but it has helped me find a study I am passionate about. This is why DAS does important and meaningful work. More students should be able to make use of all the great opportunities that being a student has to offer. There is more to it than just studying. DAS makes the voices of ambitious students heard and helps all students to be able to achieve their goals.

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