Julius Wildenburg


Hi, my name is Julius. Currently, I am in the University Council (UC) on behalf of DAS. Within the UC I am a member of the Campus and Quality Agreements committee and I am vice-chair of the Education Committee. It is very important that we from DAS represent all the ambitious students the TU/e has that we can be very proud of. I am working hard on current topics like the restrictions on organizing events or improving our relation to the municipality. I also find it very important to look at the future. We are already thinking about things like the implications the growth jump of the TU/e will have on students and more opportunities for flexible studying. I am a third-year physics student and active member of the student association a.s.v. SSRE. Here I learned about all the possibilities for development outside your studies. I’ve organized events and took part in other committees where I learned the value of these things outside my standard curriculum. Organizing events has been more difficult in the past few years. We from DAS are doing all we can to improve the situation and make our campus a campus where every student can come and have a great time studying or participating in social activities. For that it is also of great importance that all the students have a safe place to live in Eindhoven. I have noticed that there are too many students having problems finding a room and the negative effects on their studies and social life. We work very hard on making this possible to make sure that every student is in the best position to take on any opportunity they want.

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