Thomas Koot


Hi, my name is Thomas Koot. Currently, I am in the University Council (UC) on behalf of DAS. Within the UC I am a member of the Education, Financial, and Alcohol policy committee and chair of the Information Management committee. For my role, it is my highest priority to represent the ambitious students of the Tu/e. I am concerned about topics such as; the future alcohol policy (a policy which may have undesirable restrictions for students), the privacy of the students (for example by online assessment or after the latest campus card data breach), and the flexibility of studying. Next to being in the UC, I am a student of the Master Operations Management and Logistics. During my bachelor of Industrial Engineering, I did a board year and several student jobs. I believe that studying should be flexible and that online opportunities should be exploited in the right way, e.g. watch my lecture online where and whenever I want and when I need help or just feel like it I can go to campus for instructions or q/a sessions or visit these sessions live online. Moreover, the campus should be a safe place where students want to study and meet up, not because they have to but rather because they want to!

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