Mission Statement

In the past, there have been big changes in Eindhoven and at the TU/e that have influenced students greatly. These also influenced the way ambitious students need to approach their study and how they develop themselves during their time as a student. We represent these students, so their point of view is taken into account with the decisions of the TU/e. Every active and ambitious student deserves to have their voice represented in the University Council. We represent these students among others by enabling them to study in a more flexible way and working on improving online education. Our approach is to aim high and make possible what fits in the borders of the rights and duties we have in the University Council. Through a constructive, proactive attitude with a focus on actively involving the ambitious students of the TU/e, we strive to find the best solutions to fit the needs of students just like us. Our goal is a university where development alongside your studies is actively supported, and personal development is encouraged. Studying is more than just watching your lectures and making exams!