Universiteits Raad

The fraction of DAS Eindhoven is one of the two student fractions in the University Council of Eindhoven University of Technology. The UC consists of 18 members – 9 from the personnel fraction and 9 from student fractions – and a board. DAS is currently holding three seats in the UC.

The UC is the representative advisory body of the TU/e. We give advice or consent on university wide decisions that the TU/e wants to make. Besides this, we also have a right of information and initiative on university related topics.

We give this advice or consent and get the opportunity to discuss with the Executive Board in University Council meetings. These are held every month, and are public. In these meetings we discuss different documents and proposals that the Executive Board presents to us. They can be for instance the new version of the student financial support regulation, a plan for the campus in 2040 or a new proposed regulation for Dual Career students. These documents and plans have mostly been discussed at an earlier stage in different UC committees. DAS is active in the Bachelor College committee, Graduate School committee, Campus committee, Financial committee, Strategy committee, Quality Agreements committee and Information Management committee.

As University Council members, we critically review presented documents to be able to give a well-considered advice or consent. Next to this, the UC meetings are also opportunities for our party to ask questions and address issues that the EB needs to act upon.

The members of the University Council are elected each year during the University Council Elections, which usually take place at the beginning of December. If you agree with our standpoints, this is the time where you can let your voice be heard and vote on one of our candidates on the list!