Blue Jay

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  • Hardware Engineer

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About Blue Jay

We at Blue Jay are creating the future of healthcare! With a group of more than 20 students, we are designing, testing, and assembling a drone that will be used during fire evacuations in nursing homes. Often, there are too little nurses to guide the elderly out of the building in case of an emergency. For that reason, our drone will assist them by autonomously navigating through the building to interactively guide elderly outside. To continue this development, we are looking for enthusiastic students interested in drones/UAVs or healthcare innovation! No matter your background/interest, there is always a spot free for you. You can make CAD drawings, meet with elderly for user testing or attract new sponsors. The choice is completely up to you! In case you’d like to get more information about our team, feel free to visit our website ( or send an email to We are always open to your questions!


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