Falcon Electric Aviation

  • Technical Manager

  • Battery Engineer

  • Business Strategist

  • Social Media Director

  • PR Strategist

  • Website Designer

  • Software Engineer

But any other open vacancies are welcome as well. All functions have a minimum of 8 hours each week, making it possible to do this next to your studies.

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About Falcon Electric Aviation

Becoming more sustainable also includes sustainable aviation. Or at least, that’s what we at Falcon believe. The student team aims to design a conversion kit for making airplanes electric because flying electric should also include a sustainable production process. To create this kit, we will spend the coming years transforming a Cessna 150 (a short duration training plane) into being electric. With this study and our future conversion kit, we want to contribute to cleaner flying. Interested? You can apply by sending an email to info@falconea.nl or going to our website falconea.nl and socials for more information.


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