Elections 2022

6th and 7th of December

DAS focuses on the ambitious students that want to develop themselves alongside their studies.


Vision of DAS

Stimulate personal growth and ambition through student guidance

Currently, the student guidance is primarily focused on the study of students. Since DAS believes studying involves more than just following courses, we also want student guidance that reflects this more. DAS wants to broaden and improve the student guidance, to focus more on personal growth and ambition of students. In this way, students are more aware of all the activities, student teams and associations in which they can participate to develop more on a personal level. In addition to that, student guidance is important to support students in thinking about their ambitions for the future, such that they know what they want to achieve in their student years and afterwards.

Exploit and create opportunities to improve student housing

DAS plans to start a project where unused spaces are (temporally) used as student housing, inspired by SHS Delft.

Actively represent the student's voice toward the municipality

DAS is the link between TU/e and the municipality to represent the interest of the students. We want to start projects that improve Eindhoven as a city for students. We aspire to have an active student community in which studentorganizations, such as student teams, have a key role.

Facilitate flexible studying using digital resources in the right way

DAS wants no mandatory plenary lectures, for both on/off campus and that all lectures are (pre)recorded properly, so a student can rewatch them later.

Enable students to organize student events on a lively campus 

DAS wants more ‘geluidsdagen’ and no restrictions on alcohol prices on/off campus and no further restrictions on ‘taptijden’ on/off campus and a vivid community on the campus

Prioritize the quality of education and availability of facilities while the TU/e is growing

DAS wants no increase in the student/staff ratio and students to be able to study on campus with sufficient quiet and meeting zones.

Support associations with creating social safe environments by providing guidance from experts

DAS wants a social safe environment for everyone

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