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Stimulate personal growth and ambition through a flexible and rewarding environment. 

The current student guidance provided by TU/e primarily focuses on courses and academic progress. However, DAS believes that studying involves more than just following lectures. That is why we advocate for student guidance that reflects this broader perspective. We believe that the university should support and encourage every student to develop themselves on a personal level outside of their studies. Furthermore, student guidance is important to students when thinking about their future ambitions, so they know what they want to achieve in both their student years and afterwards. Additionally, DAS proposes that the TU/e should facilitate flexible studying by offering a full catalog of recorded lectures. We think this is important as ambitious students often have hectic schedules where this flexibility is crucial. DAS aims that flexible studying is properly facilitated, to ensure that online lectures attain a level of quality comparable to that of live lectures.


  • Strive for a full catalogue of recorded lectures so that courses can be properly followed when a lecture is missed.

  • Ensure that flexible studying is properly facilitated.  

  • More research into why it is harder to fill committees, boards and student teams.  

  • Strive for more support and recognition for extracurricular activities, like testimonials for committees and free sport memberships for board members.

  • Ensure that the value of extracurricular activities is recognized by student mentors and advisors, so they can better guide students that strive for personal development.

Achieved until now:

  • ✅Testimonials for boards and removing the need to achieve 15 ECTS in a board year 

Improve student housing in Eindhoven through active lobbying and student projects. 

DAS has its own housing committee, which is continuously working on improving student housing. We believe that good student housing is a fundamental right for every student. To achieve this, DAS is actively lobbying at the local municipality and working on different projects. Examples of these projects are EindjeBouwen, where empty buildings will be converted into student housing or a live session with Huurteam Eindhoven to inform students about their rights as tenants.

Working on:

  • Lobbying against the ‘30-meter regel’, since this rule makes it illegal to have more than one student house in a radius of 30 meters. 

  • Setting up a project, called EindjeBouwen, where unused spaces are (temporarily) used as student housing.  

  • Inform students about their rights when living in a student house and send them to the right contact points.  

  • Working on a quality certificate for student houses that are properly facilitated, to incentivize good landlordship.  

  • Actively cooperate with the municipality about the student housing problem and ensure that made agreements are acted upon.  

Enhance the position of the students in Eindhoven by actively representing their voice towards the municipality.

DAS is the link between the municipality and the TU/e to represent the interests of its students. We want to start projects that improve Eindhoven as a city for students. Our goal is to establish an active student community where student organizations, like (sport)associations and student teams, play a significant role. DAS believes that more contact between the municipality and students is crucial to achieve this. For this reason, we organize municipality dinners, where students and council members are brought together. DAS is also in contact with the municipality to get more ‘geluidsdagen’ on campus, which will allow more events to be organized and thus help to maintain a lively campus. Furthermore, we want an improved collaboration between the municipality and the university to improve the availability of information for international students, for example on healthcare.


  • Continue to organize successful dinners between the municipality and students to discuss relevant topics, like the increased energy costs and gas prices. 

  • DAS wants more ‘geluidsdagen’ on campus, so more events can be organized by students.   

  • DAS wants a collaboration between the municipality and the university to improve the availability of information for international students. 

Focus on the quality of education and community while the TU/e is growing.  

The TU/e is growing and wants to grow even more. DAS thinks this should not negatively affect the quality of our education or community. To maintain the quality of our community, DAS believes smaller communities within the TU/e, like associations or student teams, should still be properly supported. In addition to that, DAS (together with ONS) actively worked on the alcohol convenant, where minimal beer prices and ‘taptijden’ were agreed upon. To maintain the quality of our education, DAS wants to improve the student/staff ratio, is working on revising the book-a-room application and wants more meeting zones and sufficient study places.


  • Besides the TU/e community, supporting the smaller communities with their own identity by making sure they receive enough recognition and by providing them with the necessary information.

  • DAS wants to improve the student/staff ratio. 

  • Since the book-a-room application is lacking, DAS wants to revise it. 

  • There should be more meeting zones and sufficient study places on campus.   

  • Staff should remain approachable to students.  

  • Focus on the implementation of the new BC college and make sure this runs well.

Achieved until now:

  • Bringing the student community together in formulating a community born alcohol covenant (together with ONS).

Guide associations in improving social safety and wellbeing .

DAS wants a socially safe environment for everyone. We closely work with the associations in Eindhoven to obtain this, by facilitating multiple gatherings, called social safety lunches, throughout the year. During those lunches, associations board members exchange their experiences and missions concerning social safety under the guidance of professionals. In addition to that, we are working on setting up table sessions where the university and associations are brought together to discuss relevant topics about social safety and take appropriate actions. Furthermore, DAS thinks that the University currently provides numerous services to students who are struggling with their well-being, but that most students are unaware of these services. That is why DAS wishes to increase the clarity and findability of wellbeing-related issues and contact persons.


  • DAS wants the TU/e to improve the clarity and findability of topics and contact persons related to wellbeing.    

  • Setting up table sessions, where the university and associations are brought together to discuss relevant topics about social safety and take appropriate actions.   

Achieved until now:

  • Guide associations by facilitating multiple gatherings throughout the year, where association board members exchange their experiences and missions concerning social safety, under guidance of professionals.   

Recognize the value that the quality of student life has on the reputation of the university. 

DAS believes the value of student life quality has a significant impact on the university's reputation. We believe that once the TU/e is known for its lively campus, active student life, and numerous associations or student teams, its reputation will increase. That is why we believe the TU/e should recognize this value and thus should aspire to make Eindhoven more appealing as a student city. Moreover, we believe it is important that Eindhoven is promoted as a lively community rather than just a place to study, so that newcomers are immediately encouraged to participate in this community, during open days for example. Furthermore, the need for students with a technological background is growing in the Netherlands. However, technical studies and courses are becoming less popular in the Netherlands . We feel that the TU/e should take the lead in changing this by providing effective promotion and even national campaigns for technical studies.


  • Promoting Eindhoven for newcomers and students abroad as a lively community, not only as a place to study.  

  • Make Eindhoven more appealing as a student city.  

  • As the popularity for technical studies decreases, make sure the student numbers don’t fall behind the need for students with a technical background. 

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