DAS – the Student Fraction for the Ambitious Student

Flexible education for ambitious students 

We want to represent students like you, who believe studying is more than just academic learning. We see the need for flexible education, to enable ambitious students to decide when and how they study. Improving online education is one of the means to achieve this goal.

Development alongside your studies 

Our goal is to have a university where there is support for development alongside your studies, and personal development is encouraged. Extracurricular activities are essential to get the most out of your student and future life, and improve your soft skills

Eindhoven as a city for students 

Eindhoven is not yet known as a real ‘student city’, while it should be seen that way. The connection between students and city centre should improve, and the TU/e should look further than just the borders of the campus. This will enable the TU/e to be future-proof.

Improvement of student housing 

Eindhoven is currently dealing with a housing shortage, and a lot of students do not have a place to live because of that. Living in Eindhoven is valuable for your social life, network and development. DAS is active in several ways in the municipality, to let the voice of students be heard.

Our vision 

DAS focusses on the ambitious students like yourself that want to develop themselves alongside their studies. This could mean being active in a sports, culture, study or student association, student team or participating in any other extracurricular activities. We believe studying is more than learning from lectures and making exams! We believe every active and ambitious student deserves to have their voice represented in the University Council.  Our approach is to aim high and make possible what fits in the borders of the rights and duties we have in the University Council. Through a constructive, proactive attitude with a focus on actively involving the ambitious students, we strive to find the best solutions to fit the needs of the ambitious students of the TU/e.

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Do you have any issues regarding the TU/e? Suggestions for improvement that would help the ambitious students? Feel free to reach out to us by mail: