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DAS focuses on the ambitious students

that want to develop themselves

alongside their studies.



Realizing housing that meets the needs of students

We share our vision with the municipality and local politics, for example with our housing statement, meetings with the alderman of living (Yasin) and our legalisation campaign. Besides that, a citizien of Eindhoven should have the posibility to take students in home.

Improve student guidance to stimulate development outside your study

We plead for recognition for extracurriculair activities, for example in the form of certificates. We want financial support for studentorganizations and ambitious students, for example by improvement of the "profileringsfonds".

Maintaining the positive aspects of hybrid education to enable flexible studying

We want to keep the positive aspect of education during Corona, such as record all lectures and make use of short knowlegde clips.

Making Eindhoven a city for students

DAS is the link between TU/e and the municipality to represent the interest of the students. We want to start projects that improve Eindhoven as a city for students. We aspire to have an active student community in which studentorganizations, such as student teams, have a key role.

Prioritizing safety and sustainability on our campus together

We are activly participating in the wellbeing committee and campus committee and we are working with Go-Green Office and other studentorganisations to voice the opinions from students.

Interested in a student team?

Are you interested in joining a student team, but do not know what the TU/e has to offer? Look through the student team vacancies.

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