Student Team Vacancies

DAS promotes students to develop themselves alongside their studies. One way to do this, while at the same time contributing to the development of innovations, is to join a student team! Underneath, you can find an overview of vacancies at various student teams. Feel free to reach out to them for more information.

University Racing Eindhoven


  • Event Organizer
  • Design Executive
  • Business Executive,
  • Cost Engineer 
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Test Engineer

University Racing Eindhoven stands for technological innovation, teamwork and a passion for engineering.  Each year we build an electrical-autonomous race car to compete in the biggest international design competition! At URE you have the change to develop yourself in both a non-technical as technical way.

You have the opportunity to organize events with over 200 attendees, manage a vast network of over 90 partners, create graphical designs for the car and merchandise, develop a business plan to promote the team or learn about the financial aspects of a racing team.

If you are more interested in the technical aspect of the team you can design and realize your own part, develop and test cutting-edge algorithms or work on the high/low voltage system of an electrical racecar.



  • HR manager

SOLID is a yearly changing, multidisciplinary team of students from Eindhoven University of Technology. Founded in 2016, the team has grown expeditiously into a large and ambitious organization. We aim to further develop our skills, metal fuels technology and the ecosystem surrounding metal fuels. With the many different ongoing projects, we aim to accelerate and facilitate the energy transition. Our team currently consists of 32 students of both Eindhoven University of Technology and Avans University of Applied Sciences, with a great variety of backgrounds: from mechanical engineering to industrial engineering to biomedical engineering, and everything in between.



  • Board member finance and promotion
  • Board member pyrolysis
  • Member finance and promotion
  • Member technical mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Member technical chemistry and physics

We at CORE are building the next generation circular economy! We started a few years ago and are already moving towards our first factory, which will open in 2022. We will have our own laboratory and factory hall outside of the TU/e as well next year, enabling us to still work on all the projects during the corona times. Within our team you can help us with international partners and promotion or work on the proof of concept or even the factories! Want to know more?

Blue Jay


  • Team manager
  • PR manager

Would you be the new Blue Jay engineer and develop a helpful interactive autonomous drone?

In the evenings, the shortage of personnel in care homes is a major problem. When a fire breaks out and the alarm sounds too late, the firefighters will not be able to arrive on time. This leads to unnecessary accidents. Blue Jay is providing a solution! Blue Jay is a student team of the TU/e that is developing an interactive and completely autonomous drone which can assist aid workers in a safe way.

For the next academic year, we are still looking for motivated students who are enthusiastic about this project. Within Blue Jay there are a lot of possibilities to develop yourself in a personal and professional way. The team is divided in different sub teams to efficiently develop the drone: Hardware, Interaction design, Software & AI and Management.

Did we spark your interest and do you want to know more about Blue Jay?

Solar Team Eindhoven


  • Open application

The goal of Solar Team Eindhoven is to develop mobility solutions based on solar energy. The team has set itself the goal to prove that driving on solar energy is possible and a feasible concept. In the past, four editions we demonstrated this and have received a lot of national and international attention. Solar Team Eindhoven has proven to be one step ahead of the latest innovations in the automotive world with our concepts and ideas.

Now that the solar family car has been proven, it is time for a new goal. Do you want to be part of this? As member of Solar Team Eindhoven you are part of a full-time team of highly motivated and dedicated engineers with a mission to inspire industry and society towards a more sustainable future.

Join the team and let’s take the next step in solar mobility together!



  • Management
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Designer

Every year the TU/ecomotive team wants to address a current-day problem to the world and offer a solution at the same time. Over the last years we have produced many, unique cars. Currently, we are producing our sixth car, Luca. The basis of this car will be fully made out of waste materials. This way, we want to address the problem of waste in the world and stimulate the circular economy.


For next year, you have the opportunity to come up with your own concept and to fully develop, build and promote your own car! Our team currently consists of 7 different majors, so there is a task for everyone. Besides the technical aspects, you even have the chance to manage a team of over 20 students or to meet with our partners and have close contact with multinational companies.



  • Renewable energy team
  • Building Physics team
  • Smart Systems team
  • Mechanical systems
  • Communication
  • Company acquisition.

Team VIRTUe is innovating the way people live in the environment around them by competing in the Solar Decathlon 2021 ( We do this by proposing a new way of generating and using the energy, mobility concept and way of living on both an urban and household scale. In two years from now we will actually realise this in Wuppertal, Germany!  

Tech United


  • Student projects (such as Bachelor End Project, internships or MSc graduation) at the MSL team or the @Home team
  • Free time member at the MSL team or the @Home team

Tech United is a multidisciplinary team of (ex) students, Ph.D.’s and employees of Eindhoven University of Technology that is involved in the development of robotics. Tech United participates in tournaments all over the world. RoboCup is an annual world championship for robots that can communicate and react on a constant changing environment, in which Tech United participates with two teams. One team consists of the autonomous soccer robots and participates in the Middle Size League (MSL) of RoboCup. The ultimate goal? Defeating the human world champion of soccer. The other team participates with autonomous service robots in the @Home league, which strives to develop a service robot that will eventually be able to lower the workload of healthcare workers. Find out more about Tech United via:



  • Team members that are (MSc.) BME and Chemistry students, as well as anyone else interested in biology and motivated to contribute to the project through his or her skills

Are you interested in joining a multidisciplinary team, upscaling your soft skills, and giving life to a project in synthetic biology to engineer a better world? In other words: will you represent the TU/e at the giant jamboree of the 2021 international Genetically Engineered Machine competition in Paris? In the slipstream of the successful 2019 TU/e iGEM team, a fresh team of socially aware wet lab enthusiasts, modellers, programmers, designers and fundraisers will be formed and YOU can become part of it! At the end of 2020, a completely new team will be formed to become the iGEM Eindhoven 2021 team. The first few months and the last two months of 2021 will be mostly part-time work while the rest of the time you will together on your fantastic project on a full-time basis. For more info, visit our website or take a look at the website of the iGEM competition