Team Hart

  • Our team does not have specific, set roles. Everyone who is proactive and fascinated by Human Augmentation is welcome to apply. However, expertise in the following fields is a great bonus:

    • Software engineering

    • Hardware engineering

    • Marketing and Business

    • Neuroscience

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About Team Hart

Do you want to develop a new sense? Team HART, short for Human Augmentation Research and Technology, is developing a prototype and doing research in the field of human augmentation. Our prototype consists of a sleeve with 24 vibrational motors pressed on your forearm. These motors can vibrate in patterns corresponding to all types of information. The human brain is able to learn to interpret these patterns until this interpretation becomes second nature. We are currently focusing on language, but the application’s possibilities are endless. Think 360° vision or a doctor being able to feel the patient's information. We are pioneers in a novel field of human-centered innovation to establish a symbiosis between technology and the human body. If you are proactive, want to develop yourself in a nonhierarchical team structure, and if you are as enthusiastic about becoming ‘more than human’ as we are, be sure to reach out to us and fill in the application form!


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