Tech United

  • BSc/MSc thesis

  • Internship

  • Free time member at the MSL team or the @Home team

  • Demo Team Member Do you have your propedeuse? Then it is possible to join our demo team! Our demo team gives demonstrations of our soccer robots to schools and companies, with the main goal to make children enthusiastic about technique. It is a very flexible job, where you can decide for yourself when you want to work, and you will get a contract via EuFlex.


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About Tech United

Tech United is a multidisciplinary team of (ex) students, Ph.D.’s and employees of Eindhoven University of Technology that is involved in the development of robotics. Tech United participates in tournaments all over the world. RoboCup is an annual world championship for robots that can communicate and react on a constant changing environment, in which Tech United participates with two teams. One team consists of the autonomous soccer robots and participates in the Middle Size League (MSL) of RoboCup. The ultimate goal? Defeating the human world champion of soccer. The other team participates with autonomous service robots in the @Home league, which strives to develop a service robot that will eventually be able to lower the workload of healthcare workers. Find out more about Tech United via: or send an email to


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