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Board member/management


Mechanical Engineer Electrical Engineer Software Engineer Business & Cost Engineer Operations and PR


FPGA Inverter software (Internship) Electrical motor design (Master thesis)

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About University Racing Eindhoven

University Racing Eindhoven stands for technological innovation, teamwork and a passion for engineering. Each year we build an electrical-autonomous race car to compete in the biggest international design competition! At URE you have the change to develop yourself in both a non-technical as technical way. Within the multidisciplinary environment which URE has, you will be able to sharpen your engineering skills by designing and creating and testing your own designed part. URE also goes the next step by applying all this to an autonomous racecar where every millisecond counts to beat the competition. Not only will you grow in your technical skills, but also you will learn a lot about teamwork. The most important parts of the car are the motors and the systems that give them power, the inverter and battery. At the moment we are busy with a complete redesign of these systems. Are you a real team player and have knowledge about electromagnetic systems? Let us know by applying to us via


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