University Council Meeting of February 2022

The 22nd of February we had our monthly university council update. Due to corona this meeting was still online. In the following update we will explain the topics we discussed.

Bachelor College Redesign

This meeting we discussed the updated redesign of the bachelor college. The main change we saw in the document was that the idea of all basic courses in the first semester has been dropped. Instead the idea of basic courses is changed completely. The basic courses are becomming faculty specific and therefore not university wide anymore. Togheter with the GoGreenOffice the UC has been pushing to integrate sustainability in the bachelor. The Executive Board will integrate the development goals more in the bachelor college and a working group will be created to look for further possibilities. As University Council we gave a positive advice on the redesign, with some strong recommendations.

15 ECT Removal for boards

The University Council gave consent to update the regulations for the student financial support. This means that it is now offical that board members do not have to complete three courses during their board year. We as DAS are very proud that we have achieved this goal together with ISO and LSR.


A little time ago, the report about the pilot with flexstuderen was published. In the pilot universities from the Netherlands tested the use of flexstuderen, also known as paying per credit. The TU/e at that time did not want to join the pilot, but now the pilot is finished we wanted to know wheter flexstuderen will be enabled at the TU/e for a selected group of people. We will discuss this topic further in the Education comittee.


We asked a question about the bug in Proctorio and the general use of proctoring. We will join the evaluation of proctoring and further discuss this topic.


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