University Council Meeting of June 2022

The 20th of June we have our last UC meeting of this academic year. The agenda is quite long and consists of the following points:

  • Annual report TU/e 2021

  • Annual report 2021 Confidential Advisor on scientific integrity

  • Annual report 2021 Complaints Committee for scientific integrity

  • Annual report 2021 Reporting Irregularities Complaints Committee

  • Annual report 2021 Complaints committee for Undesirable behaviour

  • Financial report of the “Stichting Financieel Beheer 4TU.Federatie 2021”

  • Implementation PhD Competence profile

  • Students’ financial support regulations 2022-2023

  • Student statute 2021-2022, Institution section

  • Policy framework wellbeing

  • Omnibesluit 2022-2023

  • Changes in Administration and Management Regulations (BBR)

  • Institutional tuition fees 2022-2023

  • SQUAD Change Plan IMS/DML

  • Directives Bachelor College

  • Framework Letter 2023

All the meeting documents can be found here.


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